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  • Hair Regrowth is Right Around the Corner:

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First of all, a cure for baldness is right around the corner but not just yet. In addition, the Columbia State Univerity is researching hair loss treatments. Furthermore, the new research on hair loss has taken an important step in that direction. Especially relevant, when applied to the skin, scientists showed that enzyme-blocking drugs known as JAK inhibitors cause hair growth. Scientists used mice and human tissue in a series of experiments for the new research.
Therefore, the JAK inhibitors raise the possibility that  medications can be used on men and women to restore hair growth. Men and women experiencing pattern baldness will achieve new hair growth with these enzyme blocking drugs. In addition, cancer patients who have lost hair as a result of chemotherapy treatments will also benefit. The FDA has already approved oral versions of the medicines to treat other medical conditions.
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Consequently, the professor of molecular dermatology at the center had a positive outlook. The leader of the new research found promising results for hair growth. While the new research is positive they still need more studies. Most noteworthy, scientists are getting closer to the cure for pattern baldness. Therefore, they need to test if JAK inhibitors can induce hair growth in humans using formulations made for the scalp. More work, certainly. But hair loss experts are hailing the new research as a very exciting discovery of hair loss technology.
  • The New Class of Medicines for hair regrowth:

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A dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon in New Orleans is excited about the class of medicines. JAK inhibitors could indeed solve the problem of male and female pattern hair loss. These conditions are the most common causes of hair loss and can be devastating. Especially relevant, when they occur in very young people it can be traumatic. They conducted research on alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is a form of hair loss when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles. JAK inhibitors were discovered as a result.
JAK inhibitors were applied to the skin of normal mice whose bodies had been shaved. In addition, the mice grew more hair than mice that were given an oral preparation of the drugs. Consequently, the drugs were affecting hair follicles directly rather than simply blocking an errant immune response. Within three weeks, mice had regrown all of their hair treated topically with a JAK-inhibiting drug (ruxolitinib or tofacitinib). JAK inhibitors were applied to the right side of the mice. Therefore, during the same timeframe, little to no hair growth occurred in control mice.
  • JAK Inhibitors are a Step in the Right Direction:


Image result for images of JAK inhibitorsMice treated for five days with the JAK inhibitors ruxolitinib and tofacitinib grew new hair within 10 days. In conclusion, during that time span no hair growth a cured on untreated control mice. What explains the findings about the hair growth on mice? The Inhibitors apparently move normal hairs out of their resting (telogen) phase. Therefore, this causes them to rapidly enter the growing (anagen) phase of the mice hair cycle. According to the research, the next step would be to conduct clinical trials. Because the inhibitors are already FDA approved, the Columbia research could take less time to reach those in need. However, it could still be four or five years before the drugs are commercially available for treating hair loss.
  • New Hope for 35 million Men and 21 million Women for Hair Regrowth:

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That’s if the new research on mice pans out using the inhibitors. Because, 35 million men and 21 million women are suffering of hair loss the JAK inhibitors can’t come soon enough. The FDA approved two inhibitors for the treatment of hair loss. In conclusion, the new research shows mice growing significant quantities of hair with the JAK inhibitors.

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