“Are You Genetically Doomed to be Bald?”


  • Hair Loss can Skip Generations:Image result for regrow your hairline

Remember when you had thick, healthy, shiny, beautiful hair and now your hair is gone? Furthermore, maybe you know a guy like you and you’ve heard his story. In addition, you had a thick mop of hair and now hair loss is a cold reality. Was it because your Grand Father was bald or was it testosterone that caused your hair loss? Consequently, hair loss is a common conception that skips generations and it happens to most adult men. We asked a board-certified hair restoration physician to help us comb through the facts of hair loss. The physician went on to tell us why hair loss can skip generations.
  • Genetic Fingerprints:

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First of all, there are over 200 genes that regulate hair and hair growth. What determines the longevity of your hair is a number of things. Color quality, texture, length of growth cycles, balding patterns, the speed of balding are all genetic fingerprints. In addition, all of those genetic fingerprints put together will determine how quickly you see hair loss occur. The pattern dictates how quickly it progresses, and how long it will occur later in life.Especially relevant, there are two chromosomes that carry the baldness gene and they are X and Y. The X-linked chromosome comes from your mom and the Y carries the baldness gene from your dad.
Therefore, chromosomes could skip generations, whether it is siblings or not. That’s how a recessive gene typically works. Furthermore, see if there is any hair loss amongst your whole family so you can intervene.  Hair follicles are sensitive and a lot of factors can trigger hair loss. Certain medicines, your diet, and sleep-wake cycles are a few examples. Therefore, stress is a main cause of hair loss while affecting a good percentage of the male gender.
  • Hair Treatments are a Good Option:Image result for mens hair loss

In conclusion, the real problem is you can have 50 percent of your hair loss without even noticing. There are some good hair treatments to utilize before you lose anymore hair. Especially relevant, you can look for symptoms of hair loss on your pillow or in your shower drain. You could be in a period of hair loss if you see more of your hair around the house. While hair loss is traumatic, there are options like treatments for hair loss or thinning hair. Most of all, if you know your hair is thinning don’t wait too long for treatments of your hair.
Have your scalp evaluated by a trichologist or seek out special treatments such as a scalp makeover. You can try the natural way or over the counter treatments which we have available right here on this site. In conclusion, effective treatments are available no matter which treatments you choose.
  • Plenty of Options to Grow Hair:Image result for images of before and after hair growth


Finally, there are a lot of ways to stop the progression of hair loss. Grow hair through oral treatments or topical medications. Laser light therapy treatments have a good track record. Most of all, eliminating your risk factors or changing your diet are good treatments.  In conclusion, 20 years ago the snake oil salesman selling worthless treatments are a thing of the past. Hair loss is no fun so talk to your doctor to find out which treatments can work for you.


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