“Diet Meal Plans and a Pizza that’s Good for You; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”


  • The U.S. can Eat A Lot of Pizza:Image result for images of people eating too much pizza


First of all, the average American can eat 23 pounds of pizza every year with no diet meal plans. In addition, there has been a recent development in the food industry in the U.S.  The food industry has made it possible for that figure without causing the national waistline to balloon. Furthermore, a Glasgow University nutritionist and professor teamed up with a British entrepreneur. In addition, they developed a highly balanced nutritional pizza. The balanced frozen pizza contains 30 percent of an individual’s daily nutritional requirement. The nutritional requirements in the pizza are vitamins, minerals, calories, carbohydrates and protein making it easier to be healthy. We should enforce diet meal plans.
  • Replace Traditional Ingredients with Nutritional Ingredients:

Furthermore, the team replaced traditional ingredients for nutritional ingredients in the pizza for a nutritionally balanced diet. The team was able to add seaweed to the crust and reduce the amount of salt and fat. While adding in essential vitamins and nutrients in the pizza, the team uses other tricks. To strike the perfect nutritional balance the team adds red pepper to the tomato sauce. In addition, red pepper boosts the vitamin C content and concocting unusual vegetable combinations for a nutritionally balanced pizza.
  • The Food Industry is under a lot of Pressure:

Most noteworthy, the food industry is under a lot of pressure to get the levels of salt and fat down. Eat Balanced is a good company. They teach people how to eat a balanced diet.  Consumers are looking to eat better, and people know they need balanced diets and the pizza is making it easier. Combining nutritional ingredients   together, the company came up with one complete pizza solution. A complete balanced meal and one with portion will be the nutritional pizza solution.
  • A System that Analyzes Foods:

Furthermore, the nutritionist has developed a software system that allows him to analyze a food’s recipe. Consequently, this software system determines both the nutrition content as well as adjustments to portion sizes. To find the nutritional sweet spot the system also analyzes the ingredients. Consequently, to get a fairly level grasp on all the different balanced nutrients we need we created recipes. Especially relevant, these recipes brought down anything that was too high and pulled up what was too low. Pepperoni pizza is difficult to do because it’s so high in fat and salt. While, they do hundreds of varieties of pizza that have all different nutritional toppings pepperoni can be difficult. Anxious to get the nutritional pizza to America the company believes the U.S. is hungry for a nutritional pizza. Most noteworthy, nutritional pizza is expected to make its way to U.K. grocery stores.
  • Buffets are Not Diet Meal Plans:

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The food industry in the United States has a bit more of a problem than the U.K.  Because the U.S. has this all-you-can-eat-buffet culture it has done some damage. Seems like in America people are used to eating more portions making it easier to gain weight. Something has to be done about the food industry in the U.S. There are companies like Weight Watchers that focus on calories but All Balanced focuses on the bigger picture. We’re looking at the full spectrum of all the nutrients in the pizza. What you eat should give you everything you need and the nutritional pizza in the U.S. is positive. Especially relevant, looking at the full spectrum of all the balanced nutrients the nutritional pizza will work in the U.S.
  • There are still Options:

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All Balanced is now looking for a US-based manufacturing partner to license nutritional pizza. In conclusion, by years end, the goal of getting a deal for the nutritional pizza look’s positive. Until then, there are a few places in the U.S. that are making a balanced nutritional pizza. The Miami-based Power Pizza uses whey protein in their pizza dough. In conclusion, power pizza claims whey protein preserves lean muscle tissue and promotes balanced fat loss. New York’s Pizza Roma imports flour from Rome and allows it to rise for 96 hours. Most noteworthy, using less yeast results in a lighter crust that is easier to digest. In the U.S. Naked Pizza has diet meal plans, using a prebiotic dough mix of more than 10 seeds and grains.

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