“Sugar is in A Lot of the Foods We Eat and can be Harmful:”


  • Processed foods are high in sugar and bad for your health:


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First of all a frighteningly large portion of the calories and sugar Americans eat comes from ultra-processed foods. Furthermore, ultra processed foods have a lot more added sugar which is tinkered with even more than regularly processed foods. According to a new study the researchers say processed foods may contribute to serious health issues like Type 2 diabetes. Most noteworthy, researchers from Tufts University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil found something interesting. The study found that 60% of all calories Americans consume are from ultra processed foods. In addition the researchers say about 90 percent of all added sugars they eat come from ultra processed foods.


  • Ultra Processed Foods Contain High Amounts of Sugar:Image result for ultra processed foods

As a result, the content of added sugars in ultra-processed foods was eightfold higher than in processed foods. In unprocessed or minimally processed foods and processed culinary ingredients put together sugar was fivefold higher. In addition, the researchers in the study published these findings in BMJ Open. The researchers say About 10% of a person’s total caloric intake should be from added sugars. Furthermore, the researchers found that more than 80 percent of Americans typically exceed this recommended limit for added sugars.
  • Added Sugars:

Especially relevant, processed foods generally have added sugars, oils and salt. Ultra processed foods enhanced with additives are high in sugar and sodium. In addition the study found artificial colors, artificial flavoring and sweeteners. Avoiding processed foods and added sugars should be your goal. Diabetes is a common ailment in America.
  • Researchers say ultra-processed foods that Americans consume every day are:

  • Breads High in Sugar:

  • Any kind of Pie, Cake, or Cookie:

  • High Sodium Snacks:Image result for images of pizza

  • Frozen Processed Meals:

  • Sugary Drinks and fruit drinks:

  • Pizza: No Pizza is Not Health Food:

  • Ice Cream has Saturated Fat and Added Sugars:

  •  In the Restaurant Business French Fries are Throw Away Foods: 

  • Researchers Conducted Interviews:

Researchers conducted at-home interviews and health examinations with 9,317 people of all ages for the study. Especially relevant, researchers also provided them with information about what they ate for a 24-hour period. The researchers say their study is the first study of its kind. In conclusion the study examines the relationship between ultra-processed foods and sugar intake in the U.S. Finally, eating excess amounts of added sugars is contributing to health issues. Diabetes is a health issue. The study warns of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Consequently, the researchers say we have an obesity epidemic from added sugars and processed foods.


  • Go Cold Turkey:Image result for images of going cold turkey

Therefore, the best thing to do is to cut out these foods from your diet, the researchers say. Especially relevant, that may sound easier said than done and maybe even impossible. Getting off added sugars and processed foods, especially when life gets really busy is a challenge. One way to do this is to drink water, pasteurized fresh milk and freshly squeezed fruit juices. Most of all stay away from soft drinks or flavored fruit drinks.
  • The Conclusion:Image result for diabetes


Prepare fresh foods at home and cook rather than buying a lot of packaged meals. In conclusion, eating clean foods will help decrease added sugars found in processed foods. Look at the ingredient labels when you buy packaged foods. Items like deli meats often contain added sugars that cause diabetes.

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