“Stop Lying About Your Healthy Living Goals: By Weight loss Made Simple:”

First of all, do you hear yourself say I just want to be healthier and lose weight?

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Furthermore, the statement is common place among clients and people in the world. That desire to be healthier seems to motivate a lot of behaviors. For example, running marathons, going to Cross Fit classes is one example. In addition giving up sugar, soda, dairy or white carbohydrates is another example. Especially relevent eating healthy foods should be a priority.                                   When I’m able to probe a bit deeper here’s what I often find. People say I want to be healthier while in reality they really mean, I want to be thinner.  Running a marathon is one example. We want to be healthier by running that marathon and in addition losing a couple of pounds.
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Furthermore we want to give up sugar because we’ll get so “healthy” that our jeans will fit again. For the record, I think its fine to want to be thinner and to be healthier. Women seem to receive societal pressures to be thinner and to lose weight. In conclusion I’m not going to send the body positivity police to your door for wanting to lose some weight. But let’s call a spade a spade. If you really want to lose weight to be healthier you need healthy foods.
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Most people don’t tell themselves the truth, so you won’t be able to honestly and accurately prioritize your needs. Prioritization matters. We all may have many different needs to be healthier. Therefore those needs to be thinner may come into conflict with each other. As a result, if you aren’t about what you actually prioritize, you’re less likely to feel satisfied. Prioritize eating healthy foods for weightloss and health.
For example, let’s say that you want to lose weight, and you also want to be healthy. Great! But how do those two compare to each other in terms of priority? Say running a marathon made you healthier but you ended up gaining 10 pounds in the process. How would you feel about that for example? Your answer to that question tells you a lot about your true motivations. Try to stick to healthy foods with exercise.
  • Taking the Easy Way Out:


What about your desire to lose weight versus your desire to trust yourself around food? For example, eating foods you love knowing they are unhealthy. Going on vacation and eating at restaurants without worrying about portions and what types of foods you ingest. Especially relevant you feel like your weight is stable without having to do anything.
Acknowledging that it’s possible to achieve different goals simultaneously is fine. You might feel better in your body as you get healthier, for example. Hence, at some point, there will be trade-offs for everything. If you focus on losing weight, for example, you want to stop eating foods you love. Most noteworthy, if you feel deprived chances are you’re more likely to eat compulsively in the long run.So when push comes to shove you want to be healthier and you want to be thinner eat healthy foods.
  • Practice What You Preach:

If you’re saying that health is your top priority, you must practice what you preach. Health could be a code word to be thinner, especially since you can be healthier without losing any weight. In conclusion there is no right answer.  But there is a truthful answer, for you.
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