“Too Much Sugar and You: By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Processed Sugar a Reality We can do Without:Image result for processed sugar


Your body craves what it is accustomed to having and processed sugar might be one of the cravings. You begin to see you’re not in control of cravings for too much sugar. Processed sugar is the enemy. First of all, sugar cravings are a challenge. Processed sugar is in many food items.  You crave sugar because you eat sugar. In addition sugar cravings can be hard to be in control of and you begin to feel the effects. Furthermore, sugar causes metabolic syndrome and cancer. Given our tragic cravings for sugar, there have even been bans suggested in some locales. While some studies show processed sugar is as addictive as cocaine suggesting to be in control of the situation.
  • Processed sugar that Americans consume too much of are:

  1. Soda/Soft Drinks

  2. CandyImage result for images of overweight kids

  3. Baked Goods

  4. Fruit Drinks

  •  Furthermore along with obesity, there are other health issues that are connected to sugar consumption. Some of the most common are:

  1. Diabetes-Heart Disease

  2. Tooth Decay- Nutritional Deficiencies


  •  One question we should be asking ourselves about sugar cravings is: Are these sugary items or processed sugar worth the health issues? We owe it to our children and ourselves to be in control of our sugar cravings. Especially relevant, too much is too much.

Seems like when people come to me for weight loss advice it’s immediately apparent that they are addicted to sugar. Most of all I find that when parents consume too much sugar, so do the children in the family. Because in my work, I see how processed sugar controls one’s thoughts and actions. Processed sugar takes hold of the senses and the person will eat far too many items containing too much sugar. Because of this, often these individuals are not eating the food that will nourish their body. Health issues become a reality when eating processed, sugary food. Consequently, they’ve begun to justify it to themselves forgetting about the health issues. I didn’t eat lunch, so I’ll use those processed calories on… ice cream, candy, or cake.
  • Stop Eating Sugar:


Most noteworthy the most effective way to reduce or eliminate your desire for sugar is to stop eating sugar. Most of all you need to clear your system of processed sugar. As a result it may take up to two weeks to kill sugar cravings. Some people experience headaches, mood swings, and severe processed sugar cravings. Consequently, your body craves sugar and going cold turkey is the key.
  • Feel Much Better Sugar Free and Annihilate Your Health Issues :

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 In addition, I ask my clients to white knuckle their way through their cravings of processed sugar. The reward is enormous because my clients claim their cravings subside and experience more energy during the day. You begin to Sleep better, think clearer, and accomplish more tasks. Fresh fruit that they once thought was tasteless is now delicious and sweet not processed. Without all the processed sugar in their system, they can now enjoy natural sweetness in food. In control of this knowledge and awareness, they become stronger than the sugar cravings. Most noteworthy I can confidently say you are in control of sugar; sugar is no longer in control of you. As a result I suggest my clients always be on alert for new sugar cravings. When you start to eat too much sugar again, it will take over. Hence, white knuckling your way through the cravings.


  • Clients always ask me this common question. Can you use artificial sweeteners in place of processed sugar? In my opinion, flat out absolutely not because:


  • Artificial sweeteners are artificial, not good for your body.

  • Artificial sweeteners make food taste too sweet, causing your sugar cravings to spike.

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Consequently, your food and drink should not taste sweet, and your sugar cravings will subside. Hence, it is then you’ll begin to seek out and eat more natural, nutritious food. Furthermore, you may be amazed at yourself when you eliminate artificial sweeteners and reduce your dependency on sugar. I am not suggesting you begin to purchase items that are marketed as sugar-free. Quite the contrary, enjoy food that is tasty and healthy. Anyone who succumbs to sugar cravings will experience this white knuckling encounter countless times over in their lifetime. In conclusion be aware of cravings and recognize when sugar has once again taken hold of you. Through my own experience with my white knuckles you begin to adapt to your new lifestyle.Your body craves what it is accustomed to having, while what you crave is your choice. Weight loss is our goal and educating you on your health issues is our business.

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