“The Leading Cause of Obesity could be Food Stamps: By Weight Loss Made Simple”

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According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases defines the cause of obesity. Obesity is an excess amount of body weight that may come from muscles, bone, fat, and water. However, obesity is a medical term. Someone who has excessive fat on their body is obese. Obesity in the United States seems like common place. Most noteworthy whether we as Americans choose to admit it or not we are in an obesity health crisis. Two out of three adults are overweight or obese. Furthermore 1 in 20 adults are extremely obese. While it is possible that genetic make-up could determine just how fast and easily you put on weight. Genetics are not the only leading cause of obesity.
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According to medical journals the human body needs a certain amount of calories in order to function properly. On average your body weight overall does not change. As long as the numbers you take in equal the number of calories you born in physical activity your fine. The odds of being healthy are actually in your favor. The problem comes in when you choose not to eat healthy and you neglect daily exercise. Exercise can aid you in burning those calories you had taken in throughout the day. Inactivity is the enemy to your health and wellbeing which causes obesity.
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In addition there are many causes that point to why so many Americans struggle with obesity. Furthermore a recent study has left many individuals in awe. The United Sates Department of Agricultural reviewed numerous statistics from 2007-2010. Pertinent information was identified by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and this is what they found.  Those who use food stamps have a higher likelihood of becoming obese. Those who do not use the food stamp program are less likely to be obese. The food stamp program seems to be the cause of obesity. To be exact 40% of the food stamp population are obese. Political Figures were criticized for attempting to make receiving food stamps a much harder process. This study on the food stamp program was conducted months later.
  • Food Stamp Program Policy:

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Earlier this month North Carolina law officials implemented a brand new food stamp program policy. The food stamp program policy has changed for those who want to continue to receiving their benefits. In addition they work, volunteer or enroll in classes for at least 20 hours each week. This new food stamp policy is an attempt to get North Carolina food stamp recipients to get moving and exercise. The food stamp was invented to feed the needy and the food stamp program was not ment to be abused. In addition to upgraded food stamp program policies several companies have begun to design new products. CBD Oil is one of the products that work to curb hunger. Individuals consume less food for longer periods of time. CBD Oil also helps those who want to help fight the obesity epidemic.


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In conclusion perhaps we can’t place the blame on the food stamp program for America’s obesity epidemic. We should promote the Lets get Moving Program in the same underprivileged areas we often promote government assistance in. Therefore we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Food stamps and the food stamp program need some refinement. Giving people the incentive to exercise is a step in the right direction to fight the cause of obesity.


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