“Enjoy Losing Weight: By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • What does the Word Diet Mean?

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The word diet has a lot of different meanings. A diet is a meal you need to eat and should not be a synonym for restriction. Once we go on a diet to lose weight,everything changes. Measuring how much we eat each meal,setting strict guide lines and likely not enjoying life.
  • The YO YO Diet:

You need to realize so many of us fall into what I call the “yo-yo” diet. Holiday season, weight is up, weight is back down after New Year’s, up again with the February blues. Then when the beach weather approaches, your weight goes down again and so on. Calorie flux means perpetual dieting failure can be frustrating when you need to lose weight.
  • Sugar:Image result for sugar is your enemy

Two factors that cause yo-yo diet. The first is sugar dependency. Sugar is your enemy and if you don’t control the intake in your diet you will not lose weight. Second is the sense of failure that breaks your spirit and your meal plan.. You need to be aware of sugar in your diet if you want to maintain your weight-loss plan.
Sugar is everywhere and you need to know how to control meal intake to keep your weight down. Studies have suggested that it may be as addictive as cocaine. It is often listed in plain sight on food packaging. Sugar can be labeled as fructose, corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate and other disguises. This diet knowledge can help you control your diet and your weight. Furthermore, sugar can be added to breads, to salty foods, even to roast chickens. By the time we try to lose weight, many of us are sugar addicts.
What will happen if your meal consisted of steamed fish and broccoli? Especially relevant, when everyone else is digging into dessert trays? Your physical craving for sugar in your meal will overwhelm you. In addition you will have no rational determination to stop.
  • Kill the Sugar Cravings:Image result for public domain images kill sugar cravings

You’re not weak minded; you’re in thrall to a physical addiction! Detox by taking baby steps. A bite less a day may help take the habit away.
If you have a six cookie-a-day habit for your meal, you need to cut it down to five. Next week, cut it to four. Do not underestimate the power of little steps in your diet to lose weight. You’re learning how to walk on a balance beam. You need to take it slow not run toward the other end. You have to take, careful small steps until you lose weight and the craving for sugar.
As you cut down on sugar, you need to get into the right mindset to start a healthy diet. All diets with common sense work if they’re followed. I find that a diet low in sugar or low glycemic works well if you follow the plan. So what’s the healthiest diet?
  • Incorporate Whole Foods:

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Especially relevent in your meal plan, incorporate plenty of vegetables like lean meat, fish, nuts and juicy fruits. Low Glycemic Carbohydrates for high energy and water. You need water in your diet. Drink an eight ounce glass of water 8 times a day to lose weight.  In addition to the meal plan you get a free pass.
  • A Free Meal Pass:

It’s a free meal. One cheat meal each week that includes anything you crave while sticking to the diet. In that meal if you must indulge your fantasy, you need to enjoy it.
You don’t have to worry the free meal won’t make you gain weight. Furthermore as long as you want to lose weight you need that free meal in your diet. It will keep you excited and free of the guilt traps that suck in so many people. The free meal embraces your love of food while you lose weight with the diet.
You can incorporate your free meal as a family dinner or the company party at a swank restaurant. How about a childhood favorite cooked by your mother as your free meal? Make sure each week includes a feast. The rest of the time you need to stick to your healthy routines. As a result you will lose weight, blunt your sugar cravings and enjoy yourself while losing weight.
A few tips when meeting the challenges that sneak up on you with diet: In your diet you have to change your mindset if you want to lose weight.  Revise your old blame-game that says I’m too weak to stick to the diet.  Start now. Instead of constantly putting off your diet say, “I’ll just take a taste of something today. Taste everything during your free meal and prove to yourself you can do this.
Remind yourself, how great it will feel to wake in the morning knowing you didn’t just say “who cares.”  To lose weight you don’t have to succeed every time. Stay consistent with your diet even after a few tries. In conclusion you will be able to own your new positive dialogue with each meal.Image result for lose weight
  • Spoil your meal. Try to eat every 3 hours so you don’t sit down to a meal hungry. As a result you will not abuse your diet and go for a second helping.

  • You do not have to eat everything that’s placed on your plate. Furthermore I think serving yourself would work just as well.

  • Drink plenty of water in your diet. It controls hunger pangs and may help your body metabolize fat! Sparkling mineral water is fine to drink if you don’t like plain water. It’s delicious and healthy, and much better and satisfying than sodas.

  • Avoid mixed drinks like cocktails, which are full of sugar. Pure spirits like vodka, Scotch, gin, even tequila are fine. Taken straight or with sparkling mineral water are the healthier choice. Red wine is the healthiest choice. I drink 2 to 3 glasses a day. Red wine in your diet helps with weight loss and digestion.

  • Keep your body moving! You don’t have to leave the family dinner early to hit the gym. Just play with the kids or walk the dog. Use a Wii-U game and initiate a family dance or boxing competition to lose weight.

  • Plan ahead so you have your free meal once a week or at the event of your choice. When there’s more than one event on the calendar, seek foods that are clean and healthy. Eat vegetables you like, fish, chicken that isn’t fried or doused in gravy. Carbs low in sugar for energy you need for everyday living. Look more closely at the choices, there’s almost always a healthy option somewhere.

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