“Improve Your Sex Life with these four Foods:” “By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Diet Plan for Your Sex Life:

Let’s begin this article with a diet plan for foods, a natural way to improve your sex life. Instead of making oysters and awkwardly suggestive fruit in your diet plan try this. Easy-to-find, non-specialty foods have the potential to improve your sex life. As we age the best things we can do to improve our sex life is in nutrition.

My Breakfast: Oatmeal With Flaxseed Oil and Raisins:Image result for images of people in love

 Any health expert will tell you that the best things to eat for a healthy love life are also the best things for a healthy heart. When your arteries are clogged and your circulation is impaired as Dr. Oz has repeatedly stressed it’s bad news. Blood can’t flow to where it needs to go, and in this case, it needs to get to your genitals. The best things about food like oatmeal is it lowers cholesterol, with a great source of L Arginine. This amino acid contributes to the production of nitric oxide. Gas is released by the blood vessels to dilate saysan nitric oxide is that gas. L-arginine is the key to your partner’s sex life and yours. Drizzle some flaxseed oil on your oatmeal to improve your libido. The best things in life can be obtained thru foods and a good diet plan.

Dinner: Fish

Image result for wild salmon

To improve a healthy sex life, mackerel, wild salmon, halibut and sardines are stellar sources of omega-3 fatty acids. First of all, you may not know the connection between steamed fish and a steamy night of healthy sex. Essential fatty acids improve circulation by clearing cholesterol and platelets from artery walls, thus improving your sex life. The omega-3s in fish also maintain hormone function and may raise dopamine levels in the brain to improve your libido. Finally, research has shown that when people switched from a typical Western diet (high in processed food, salt, sugar and fat). The Mediterranean way of eating boosted their interest in sex. A good diet plan. The study just shows that omega 3 fatty acids are the best things to improve your libido.

Snack: Fruit Salad With Watermelon And BerriesImage result for images with the words diet plan on them

It needs to be said that blueberries are another stealth fruit love drug that will improve your sex drive. Their soluble fiber (the non-gassy kind, don’t worry) helps clear mood-killing cholesterol. Fruits like watermelon are full of water and the more hydrated you are the better. Hydrating muscles and tissue will improve your sex life. Sprinkle walnuts on top of your fruit for an extra dose of fatty acids and L-arginine.

Dessert: Chocolate Pumpkin Pie (Whipped Cream Optional)Image result for images of pumpkin pie

For a great sex life sharing a dessert like this will perk you up! — There are good reasons to bake your lover a pumpkin pie instead of another cocktail. In studies conducted by the Smell and Taste Foundation in Chicago, this delectable scene increased circulation to men’s nether regions by 40% (it also will improve sex drive in women, but to a lesser degree). Chocolate just makes everything better, period. Eating chocolate can sometimes feel a little like swooning. Chocolate is a diet plan for sex. Due to phenylethylamine (a stimulant related to amphetamine) and tryptophan (a building block of serotonin. Brain chemicals involved in sexual arousal release compounds in the brain when people fall in love. A small Italian study found that women who regularly ate chocolate have a strong sex drive. Women who abstained from chocolate did not have a strong sex drive. (The researchers noted that women in the study who like to eat chocolate could also simply like to have sex).
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