“Clean Eating to Burn Belly Fat for Energy: By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • I don’t have the time for eating Clean:Image result for eat clean and stay lean

Even when you may make the decision that eating healthy is a priority in your life. You probably have little time for eating healthy and your lifestyle may keep you stuck with little time to spare.
However eating healthy is a must and the belief itself, is what keeps you stuck, not the lack of time. There is always at least a few hours of time to lose belly fat. You can shop for food and prep meals every week. Therefore, things can start changing for the better in your life.
  • I don’t know anything about Nutrition:

Nutrition is common sense and you may think it is a lot more complicated than it really is. To eat clean to lose belly fat you have to trust your common sense. It’s telling you to reduce sugar, drink more water, and eat more fresh produce. Here’s where to start eating healthy and to make your next meal healthy.
  • Do I Cook? Of course not I don’t have the time:

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You believe that cooking is a chore, but that will keep you stuck in your same rut. It can be hard to stick to a healthy eating lifestyle. Maybe we could turn this belief on its head and think differently.  Make a good change for good health in your life.
Well to make that good change in your life, cooking healthy meals is an act of care and love; love of yourself and of the people you may cook for. Eating healthy is a wonderful gift to you and your family. And when you decide to eat healthy you may start to enjoy cooking, and you’ll also find more time in your life for it (see #1).
  • I can’t help myself I love Sugar:


This belief can keep you stuck forever in your unhealthy eating patterns. You may be one of the people who eat lots of foods high in sugar. You believe you are addicted to sugar and can’t do anything about it. Remember sugar is your enemy and bad for your health. Trying to eat healthy means we need to train our brain to prefer healthy food to lose belly fat.
You may start to envision that this sugar addiction can be reversed in your life. Start to add to your diet a fair amount of the vegetables you like, every single day. You may gradually become “addicted” to these servings of vegetables. In conclusion you’ll have a much easier time in your life eating healthy.
  • It’s too expensive to eat Eat Healthy:Image result for images of money

This is an inherently subjective topic depending on revenue, country, city, and more. Now, if this is one of your beliefs, research has shown that eating healthy costs about $1.50 more per day. (that’s $45 a month for one person).
If your own diet is not healthy and your aim is lose belly fat, eat a healthy diet. Maybe eating healthy is not that much more expensive than you may have thought.
  • Eating for health is too difficult:

Once you adopt a habit of eating healthy, it’s easy. What can keep you stuck is not catching the habit. Especially relevant, it’s when you may have been eating processed foods for a long time. In addition, you’re are used to hitting the drive-through after a long day of work. Put the idea of eating healthy in your life and make it a habit. You need to first eliminate other beliefs that get in your way (#1 above for example).
  • I get no support from anyone:Image result for images of overweight people eating

People around you may love their fast food meals. Furthermore, they may have no interest whatsoever in improving their health or their weight. Some will keep you stuck in your rut to lose belly fat because you’re triggering their own stuff.
You can’t wait for others in your life to be supportive. Furthermore the change that you may want to see in yourself. If you want support, try to find a group, a friend, or someone who’s done it already. This way you have support that won’t keep you stuck in a rut to prevent you from eating healthy.
  • I just can’t be consistent with healthy eating:

Having the willpower to stick to a clean eating plan can be difficult. Eating healthy 100% of the time will take some doing, just take one thing at a time.
Here’s the truth: Even with the strongest willpower in the world, you can’t eat healthy every single time. Simply put, stuff happens. But you can be perfectly consistent with a healthy eating plan once you give up the idea of being perfect.
  • Comfort foods are too good to pass up:

You may experience this as true; and that’s ok. This doesn’t have to prevent you from getting started and to eat healthy. Your attachment to these foods is often synonymous with a need for comfort in your life. My advice is to try to find another way to comfort yourself.
While you keep some of these foods on the menu and start eating healthier, ask yourself questions. Ask yourself how you could get more of these feelings of comfort in your life. To eat healthy without the comfort food will keep you stuck where you are. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you don’t love those foods that much after all.
  • Exercise is not for me:Image result for images of people that don't want to exercise

Most noteworthy, many people may not eat a healthy diet. They think to eat healthy won’t help them if they don’t go to the gym. Furthermore, what will keep you stuck is thinking; without exercise why bother to eat clean to lose belly fat. In addition, if you don’t like to exercise, you can start adopting a healthier diet today.
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