“Are You Getting The Nutrients You Need In Your Diet?”

  • Basic Nutrition needs for Quick Weight Loss:

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Most educated adults know about getting the basic nutritional needs for day-to-day sustenance and quick weight loss. We know that your body needs grains, vegetables, fruits, meats and proteins. Fats are important to have in the right portions every day. The problem is you don’t know that you are getting enough of what your body needs. If you are following the food pyramid to a T, you still could be missing some key nutrients your body needs. Getting a certain amount of fruits and veggies every day is recommended. That doesn’t mean you are getting all that you need. There are many nutrients that most adults aren’t getting enough of. Lack of nutrients could cause your body long-term issues if gone untreated day after day.

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We Know your body needs calcium for so many reasons, but if you are like most it’s for bone health. If you are getting enough leafy greens then you are on the right path.  One study revealed that most Americans are not getting enough calcium, even with taking supplements. The problem with not getting enough calcium your body needs can be a problem. Your body will leach it from your bones. This may result in more broken bones and low bone mass down the road. So my advice would be to consume enough leafy greens that your body can absorb. A calcium supplement is recommended to make sure you get enough.


Your body needs to get enough fiber and we have all heard how important fiber is for your body for quick weight loss. The best source of fiber that your body can absorb is from vegetables. Most adults are not getting enough of the daily recommended amount of vegetables. Fiber’s most important role is aiding in digestion, and helping keep you regular. The simplest way to getting more fiber day after day is by eating more fruits, veggies, grains and legumes. I get enough fiber in my diet by using common sense. If you are getting enough fiber then your body might not need a supplement. If you’re not getting enough fiber your body needs, there are supplements you can take. This will ensure your body gets enough. Try eating oat meal once a day it will help you get enough fiber and quick weight loss.

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How important is potassium for your body? First of all it turns out that Potassium is very important that your body get enough for many different functions. In short, it helps your heart keep beating. If you get enough, it also helps prevent heart diseases and diabetes. It is hard to give your body enough Potassium a day. Furthermore we are recommended to consume 4,700 milligrams per day for quick weight loss. Only around 56% of Americans get enough potassium each day. Getting enough each day is difficult when it is replaced with sodium in most processed foods. Stay away from processed foods and eat enough dried apricots day after day. With dried apricots you are getting a real dose of potassium. (Much Better Than Bananas)


Magnesium is a mineral that your body needs and it packs a big punch. It is a part of over 300 metabolic reactions, and helps your body regulate blood pressure and sugar. Many foods contain magnesium, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Only 45% of Americans get enough of the recommended amount. Furthermore If you find that you can’t get enough magnesium from your day to day food intake, you can take supplements. Your body needs to ensure you are getting enough, just like any other nutrient even for quick weight loss.
All of these factors that you just learned, play a huge role in the day-to-day functioning of your body. How to tell if you are getting your daily intake of some of these nutrients can be difficult. As a result  Many deficiencies that your body has goes unnoticed until symptoms appear. Taking a daily vitamin or supplements for nutrients you don’t get enough of. As a result this will insure you are getting what you need and that you be consistent. In fact, one Doctor even suggests a modern food pyramid including one called Telo. Consequently Telo represents supplements and vitamins.
Furthermore if you are not getting what your body needs, talk with your doctor. They can help you identify warning signs and symptoms, and can always give you alternate solutions such as supplements. Getting our amazing bodies running at top notch can seem complicated, but if you try to take it a day at a time, step by step, it’s not as hard as it seems. Most of all if you are overweight and need a boost of energy look no further.Image result for images that say quick weight loss on them
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