“Women can Suffer from Low Testosterone too! By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Hormone Levels Decline as We Age:


Image result for pictures of tired womenDo you suffer from having a hard time concentrating and feeling a little low?  You know, that “where is my car/my purse/my mind” experience? Well it is important to know that as we age it is our hormone levels that will be low and will decline. You find you need to have more energy but all you have is low levels of it. You find yourself skipping exercise class more often and your weight loss diet. Your energy is so low you just don’t have it in you to work out.
And then it is your sex drive — which is so low it seems to be firmly stuck in park — or worse, reverse! You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, and you’re worried that it may never come back! With your health, is menopause-related low estrogen to blame? Could something else be going on—like a case of low testosterone (Low “T”)?
In the health field, there is the Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine. While estrogen is critical, you need to know  that there is interplay between low estrogen and low testosterone levels in women.

        What to know about low testosterone:

  • Testosterone is a steroid hormone in men. Smaller levels are also produced in a women’s body and one specific place is the ovaries. Testosterone is the hormone you need to build muscle, a healthy libido, and strong bones. Put a weight loss diet in there for good measure. Women begin experiencing low testosterone during their menopausal journey. Have their testosterone levels checked, which may begin a decade earlier, than when menstrual periods stop. Surgical or abrupt menopause is the cause of more severe and abrupt symptomatology rather than a gradual decline.  When science or disease interferes with Mother Nature, low testosterone is the outcome.
  • symptoms of Low Testosterone:

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  • Women with low testosterone levels can experience depression, fatigue, weight gain, bone and muscle loss, and cognitive dysfunction. Then there is the low libido issue. Your libido   decreases. Therefore, it is important to address the issue. As for orgasms, if you have them with low testosterone, they can be more “ho-hum” than “woo hoo!” A low “T” level will leave you tired and depressed.
  • Benefits of Testosterone Supplementation:

     Supplementing with testosterone can benefit your heart and your health, mood, energy, and bone and muscle.  Additionally, with a good weight loss diet testosterone can sustain skin elasticity and tone encourage heart health, and boost libido. Testosterone will decrease body fat and increase muscle strength. With your health in mind here’s what you need to do.

        You think you have low testosterone? Now what?Image result for pictures of women getting testosterone therapy

  • First, schedule a visit with your health care professional, or menopause specialist. An under active over active thyroid for example, can also affect your energy level, libido and general physical health.
  • Ask about Testosterone Testing:

  • Total Testosterone and free testosterone are measured and calculated.  Free testosterone, measures your levels of bioavailable testosterone. Bioavailable testosterone is the active portion not bound by the blood. Levels vary between post-menopausal and premenopausal women, with a gradual decline as we age. However, it is more important to advise treating symptoms, not lab values. A comprehensive assessment with a good differential is the rule. Testosterone supplementation is important to address with your health and libido in mind.
  • When Levels are Low:Image result for Women with low testosterone levels

  • Furthermore, if your testosterone levels are low and you have the symptoms, your doctor may have a suggestion. He might prescribe “off-label use” of testosterone, with or without estrogen. Why “off-label? FDA has yet to approve any testosterone drug for women. The FDA does not operate with your health in mind.
 Testosterone is processed by the liver when you take testosterone orally. As a result processing testosterone not once but twice. This will result in change of cholesterol levels and it is important to know, since the liver processes it twice. There are better ways with your health in mind. That same effect doesn’t occur when testosterone is administered by skin patch, gel or cream. Furthermore, you can use transdermal pellet form (the size of a grain of rice) inserted under the skin. “What form to use depends on many facets.  Patient tolerability is one, patient price, side effects and clinician preference. Doctors will only have one of few options available so it is important to ask before you make an appointment.
  • Weigh the risks vs benefits with your Doctor: 

Your doctor will have a frank and candid conversation with you about the benefit versus the risk – safety and efficacy. I further recommend that before starting therapy you need to be aware of the benefits and risks. Once you start therapy, you need to have regular blood work. Blood work keeps track of your testosterone levels. It is important to monitor your blood count and lipid panel, coupled with testosterone levels. Add a good weight loss diet plan to the mix.
To replace your testosterone or not? That is the question! Bottom line? You don’t need to star in Sexless in the City. Don’t blame low Estrogen for all your menopause miseries. Low Testosterone could be partly responsible for your brain fog, exhaustion and crashing libido! You need to get with your health get the info you need to take charge of dealing with your symptoms.  It is important to evaluate the risks and benefits. You have to determine what is best for your health, body and your quality of life and health. A good weight loss diet will help.
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