“Carbohydrates are not your Enemy: By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

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When we talk about eating these days, carbohydrates are frequently demonized by popular media and diet culture. People often proclaim that eating carbs will have you gaining weight and excess belly fat with an almost religious zeal. Many individuals have developed a sense of anxiety and guilt surrounding foods containing carbohydrates (A source of energy)
As a Nutritionist  I specialize in advising individuals with eating disorders. First of all carbs are a great source of energy which have specific nutrients the body needs. This mindset that carbohydrates are bad can contribute to disordered eating or eating disorders. Consequently this may lead to poor physical and mental health outcomes.                                                         As a nutrition expert I will help to debunk the myth that carbohydrates should invoke a sense of fear. The following are four reasons why you should not fear carbs.

1.Carbohydrates are the bodys main source of energy; Not the Enemy:

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for your body. The macronutrient that we need in large amounts. Additionally, it is recommended that carbohydrates supply 45 to 65% of our total daily source of our energy needs.
Why avoid carbs? They are the preferred source of energy for the body. They are in most foods…and they taste great! Avoiding carbs would limit the source of many other nutrients to nourish yourself. Furthermore to achieve rapid weight loss carbs can help.
Carbohydrates contain essential nutrients that our bodies need to function each day. In fact, our brain’s nutrient of choice is glucose which comes from carbohydrate intake. Glucose is the source of energy we need to function.
“The body’s main and preferred source of energy is carbohydrates.  Cutting out carbs will be like deleting your source of energy.  People are often scared of carbohydrates because of past experience. People are afraid of over eating carbs because they’ve done it in the past. This is not about the food itself, though. Cutting out carbs is a behavior that can be addressed. Hence, by looking at the underlying issues that contribute to disordered eating. In working with my clients I have found one particular aspect. If you refuse to give yourself full permission to have a particular food, the more you will overeat. Carbohydrates are a necessity to nourish yourself with (not the enemy) a preferred source of energy. Energy promotes rapid weight loss.

2.Carbohydrates help with your mood:Image result for images that say rapid weight loss

Carbs are needed to make serotonin. Our hormone source that helps us feel calm and relaxed, like our own natural “chill pill”. If you like being in a good mood, make sure you’re not cutting out carbs. Remember to nourish yourself with carbohydrates. They are the source of a lot of health benefits.
Additionally, going on a “low carb diet” or “cutting carbs” can have negative implications. Physical and mental health which disordered eating may come from. Achieving rapid weight loss with a low carb diet should only be for a short period.
Furthermore, there is always a nutritional demon. Carbohydrates are currently on the hot plate!  With a $60 billion dollar diet industry, marketers think of creative ways to make people fear food. First of all, carbohydrates are energy for your body and brain. It will lead to fatigue, headaches and irritability if you don’t nourish yourself with them.

3.Carbohydrates taste great and add to the eating experience:

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Food provides energy for the body and is also a source of pleasure and enjoyment. Carbohydrates are so tasty, when you nourish yourself with them you can get a little carried away. Lol!
“Without carbs, meals tend to be less satisfying. Having a source of carbs with food helps you stay full and happy for longer. Who doesn’t want that?
Furthermore, you deserve to be able to nourish yourself with food. Carbs are a source of energy (not an enemy) that you enjoy. You can achieve rapid weight loss with carbohydrates.

4.Cutting out carbs can cause disordered eating and confuse you with your food intake:

Cutting out carbs or going on a “low-carb diet” can trigger disordered eating or an eating disorder. This happens to individuals who are genetically predisposed. I am at a 3% body fat ratio all year-long and carbohydrates are my main source of energy. In conclusion, cutting out carbs is absolutely out of the question. Remember they are not the enemy. I achieve rapid weight loss with a carb in each meal.
  Furthermore, cutting out carbs is a great way to make you start bingeing on them. Because carbs are your body’s preferred source of energy, your brain is wired to seek them out if there’s a shortage. Nourishing yourself with carbohydrates is essential, keeping your blood sugar from dropping too low. If that happens, your brain will actually send out neurotransmitters, driving you toward whatever high-carb foods are available. So people who are cutting out carbs end up feeling out-of-control around those very foods. As a result not realizing that this is actually their body’s way of protecting them. To avoid this vicious cycle of cutting out carbs, don’t cut them out. Either learn to trust your body around all foods or end up feeling froggy.
Hence any time we over-emphasize one aspect of nutrition like cutting out carbohydrates, we lose the big picture. A balanced diet is nourishing and enjoyable. Avoiding foods typically leads to unintended consequences such as disordered eating.
  • The Bottom Line:

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Having a “black and white” mentality surrounding a food source sets people up for disordered eating habits. Furthermore, mental health is an important part of one’s overall health. I think we can all agree that carbohydrates are a source of energy. Consequently, carbs nourish your body. In conclusion, cutting out carbs is a big mistake they are not the enemy.
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