“You Want to be Lean and Mean Eat Clean: By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

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First of all, we all know that the media must have a sexy, intriguing or disturbing label. In addition, any new diet programs that come along they like to knock down. The concept of clean eating and a healthy way of life will always be controversial. It’s well established enjoying a clean healthy way of life is regarded as boring and (too sensible, perhaps?) People are constantly looking fo extremes. Somehow, we have been lead to believe that our eating patterns and the foods we eat are too extreme. Most noteworthy, involving some sort of exclusion or restriction in our diets is wrong.
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Image result for pictures of fruits and vegetablesMost noteworthy, the media will attack the concept of a clean lifestyle. Like any lifestyle choice, foods are clean or they’re not. Forum threads will rage backwards and forwards for days. There are discrepancies about clean eating. People have their own view. In addition, there are no rules.
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Jamie Oliver recently said, Real foods don’t have ingredients, real foods are the ingredients. Consequently, as a basis, my interpretation of clean eating starts with diet programs. When sitting down to eat, eat loads of fruits and veggies. Choosing organic produce from my local farm shop is best. Sardines in olive oil mixed with brown rice is a real health benefit. I drink almond milk because, the a way of life I choose and the foods I eat are clean.
  • Keep it Simple:

To, be healthy, I look for condiments with ingredients I can both pronounce and understand. Go-to treats like Cliff bars are my preference over diet cereal bars and dairy milk. I consider these simple swaps to be clean versions of the foods I enjoy consuming. I always say clean eating is a way of life with good diet programs.
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So what’s wrong with making these kinds of choices? According to the screaming headlines, clean eating is a dangerous trend with dirty secrets. Furthermore, it’s fueling the rise of the eating disorder orthorexia. The media knock the concept of clean eating with political agendas. Especially relevant, I’m not belittling any kind of eating disorder. Furthermore, there are eating disorders that need to be addressed. What annoys me is the media’s constant need to seek out the most extreme examples. The media use people who’ve adopted elements of that lifestyle in order to show “the dangers.”
  • Incorporate Whole Foods in Your Diet Programs:


Image result for image of a person eating oatmealClean eating is a diet of foods high in fruits and vegetables. In addition, good quality meat, fish, eggs, pulses, whole meal grains, nuts and seeds. Eating these foods MOST of the time is NOT unhealthy. Therefore, we should stop demonizing a clean lifestyle. As a result, a clean lifestyle is a good alternative. Considering foods to be clean does not automatically make another one dirty, instead clean eating is a conscious choice for people to understand what’s in the foods they buy and eat, and since when has consumer knowledge been considered a weakness?
Imagine how powerful we could become if we started looking at labels on foods and cared enough about our health? Furthermore, we need to question what’s actually in our favorite foods. In addition, we have the power of eating clean on our side with good diet programs. Starting a backlash against the companies who have no interest in our health is a start. Companies have a healthy interest in selling us processed foods full we don’t want or need.
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