“Women That Work Long Hours Are More Likely To Gain A Lot Of Weight:”

  • 51% of Working Women are Professionals:

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Working women make up nearly half of the U.S. work force. 51% of professional workers, like doctors, lawyers, nurses and accountants, are women. While climbing the career latter can be rewarding, it often comes with one big downside. Long hours and weight gain can zap you of your energy and your strength. Weight control can be challenging.There is new research on women who work long hours. The research shows that working women are overweight. Consequently, the more a woman works, the more body weight she will pile on.
  • Sitting at a Desk for Hours:Image result for women sitting at a desk for hours

Like many people I like working and I work… a lot! As a nutrition expert I sit at my desk in front of a computer. As a result, working for hours on end. Furthermore, it’s hard to stay healthy when you sit at work all day. Sitting down all day is how you become overweight with increased belly fat. In addition, metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes are other ailments on the list. So the fact that women in the workforce gain weight isn’t that surprising. Of the time you work, you have less time to move around for weight control. Obesity researchers are revealing many other ways employment is harmful to your diet and waistline and linked to being overweight.
  • The International Journal of Obesity Study:

In the international journal of obesity study, some 9,276 Australian working women were tested. Aged 45-50 the women had their body weight and employment status monitored for two years. Results? Consequently, women who worked more than 35 hours were likely to gain body weight. Women who work fewer hours will gain less weight. Hence, the more hours women worked the more  body weight they gained. For example, women who didn’t work gained, on average, less than 1 percent of their body weight.
  •  Woman that Work Long Hours have less Weight Control:Image result for women have less weight control

 Women who worked long hours and a regular full-time job gained 1.76 percent of their body weight. But women who reported working more than 48 hours a week experienced a 1.9 percent increase in their body weight. For someone who started the study at 150 pounds, that would equal nearly 3 pounds of body weight gained.  In another study of women workers in Finland 26% gained more than 10 pounds of unwanted weight. This was during the course of the 5-to7-year study. As a result, women that work long hours are overweight and have less weight control.
  • Inactivity:

The authors of the Australian study attribute weight gain among working women to inactivity. Lack of time for food preparation and more use of prepared foods to your diet are another. Also, high levels of stress, lack of sleep and consuming more alcohol. I’ll also add in travel to your diet and working at night as other factors for weight gain. Balancing the work week with a healthy diet is a challenge.
  • People who Lose Jobs Lose Weight:Image result for weight control

Friends of mine that lost jobs or work only part-time due to the economic downturn also lost body weight. They attributed their body weight to less stress and more time to move. They were no longer chained to a desk working hours and hours.Since the majority of working women in the U.S. are working, they don’t have the luxury of having lots of extra time. We need less stress in our lives and that is why too much work is linked to being overweight. Here are seven slim solutions for working women to make the bacon without pigging out.
  1. Outdoor Exercise:

    Try to get some exercise (even if it’s just 15 minutes) every day to improve your metabolism and reboot your brain. Even better, try to exercise outside if possible, most days of the week. Exercise can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and improves your mood and your body weight. Research suggests that outdoor exercise is even better for working women who worked in an office for hours at a time.
  2. Bring your Meals with you: Image result for bring your meals with you to work

    When working in my office you’d think I probably ate out every day. No, of the six days I was working I actually brown bagged it almost every day. Start with bringing your own lunch at least three days a week and work up to five days a week. In addition, make sure you incorporate clean eating to your diet. You’ll save tons of money while losing body weight. Therefore, by adding nutritious foods to your diet you will speed up your metabolism and lose weight.
  1. Remember for Weight Control do not add the Vending machine to your Diet:

    Vending machines have no nutritional options. Food in office kitchens for the working women are doughnuts, desserts or candy. Steer clear! Eating from one of those machines will keep you in an overweight state.
  2. Don’t use Food as a Stress Relief, Drink Water and try some Deep Breathing: 

    Many working women crave comfort (read: high-calorie) foods when stressed. Practice deep breathing to relax yourself and practice mindful eating to your diet techniques. As a result, helping to separate emotional hunger from physiological.
  3. Practice Common Sense while catering to your Diet: 

    In conclusion,try eating when your hungry and stop eating when you’re satisfied. This helps manage your body weight. Most women, however, eat for emotional (I’m anxious) or environmental (my husband always wants dinner at 6:30 p.m.) cues rather than physical hunger. As a licensed professional I have a planned regimen while working. I eat a small meal every 3 hours for weight control.
  4. Get enough Rest for Weight Control: Image result for get enough rest

    If you’re getting less than seven hours of sleep a night, you’ll have a harder time resisting tempting foods to your diet. Adequate sleep helps keep our hunger hormones and our body weight in check all day long. Remember women who worked longer hours were linked to being overweight and that has a lot to do with lack of rest.
  5. Do not abuse Alcohol: 

    Alcohol abuse is consistently linked to being overweight and is a triple threat to your diet. Alcohol is high in calories, but you can add it to your diet as long as you drink in moderation. After a hard day’s work I have a few glasses of red wine to ease the stress of the day and to reap its health benefits. Red wine has Resveratrol in it which is a great chemical compound which you can add to your diet for further loss of body weight. Well that’s it for you working women trying to stay healthy while working long hours.
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