“Water; “Are You Drinking Enough? By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  • Dehydrated after Exercise: Image result for images of drinking water

First of all, if you let your body lose enough water it will affect your performance and health. Furthermore, exercise can dehydrate you. Your body gets rid of heat through evaporating sweat, which comes primarily from water in blood plasma. If you do not get enough drinking water dehydration will set in and your blood will thicken.
  •  Dehydration is not good for the Heart:

Dehydration makes it harder for your heart to pump blood and oxygen to your muscles. Hence, your body sends blood to your skin surface to cool off.  As a result, you slow down, heat up, and move closer to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. which can affect performance and being dehydrated can also be very dangerous so you will need to drink water.  If you’re not drinking water after exercise, it’s a big mistake.
  • Signs of Dehydration:


  • Dry Skin

  • Cold or clammy skinImage result for signs of dehydration

  • Nausea and Vomiting

  • Disorientation

    This last one can be tough to spot, so try this: Think of an easy fact, like your home address. During exercise, having trouble remembering your home address is a sign of dehydration. Getting dehydrated will affect performance before and after exercise. Having enough drinking water is crucial to performance.
  • How Do I Stay Hydrated and get enough water?

    Hydration occurs slowly when drinking water. Therefore, drinking enough water throughout the day will keep you hydrated. I have a glass of drinking water every hour so I’m never dehydrated, even before or after exercise. To see how much you need to replace, weigh yourself before and after exercise. While burned stored fuel and electrolytes account for some of the weight loss, much of it is water. On a hot day it’s possible to lose five pounds of water after exercise. Especially relevant, make sure you drink water to replace what you lost. It’s like my competition days as a bodybuilder. A few days before the show I had to just sip water and remain at a dehydrated state. If you held water you wouldn’t place very well in the lineup. If I tried that in the gym it would affect performance and can be real dangerous. Consequently, it only takes a two percent loss in body fluid to affect performance. Therefore. a 2% loss can be dangerous and it’s important to drink enough regularly before and after exercise.
  • How to Deal with Dehydration:


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Heat stroke doesn’t suddenly happen. Watch for the warning signs. If you experience any symptoms of dehydration, slow down and take in fluids ASAP. If you don’t, your blood will start to thicken. Don’t be proud: drink from a garden hose, or knock on someone’s door. Cool off by pouring water on your wrists, arms and head and start making it a habit to drink regularly. Wet your cap, and sit in a shady area. If you don’t feel better quickly, call 911—this can be a potentially dangerous situation.
  •  When Drinking Alcohol Replace the Drinking Water:Image result for hydrate after drinking alcohol

Remember if you start feeling dehydrated, slow down and drink some water. If you remember to drink regularly before and after exercise it will affect performance in a positive way. Alcohol is another way to become dehydrated and if you are like me and like to have a few glasses of wine after a hard day at work, make sure you replace the water after those few drinks. Well that’s it folks, train hard and do not become dehydrated! Remember, stay focused and don’t forget the drinking water!!
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