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Half of Americans eat a sandwich on any given day. Eating  sandwiches may be contributing to a generally less healthy diet hurting your health, a new study suggests. Research found that a sandwich consumed by the typical American were a study worth pursuing. Research in the study will also gage when they didn’t eat the sandwiches. A Study found that on the days that people ate a sandwich, they consumed nearly 100 more calories. They also consumed more sodium, fat and sugar, compared to the days when they didn’t eat sandwiches. Researchers found days when they ate a sandwich the fat and sodium alone was extremely high and hurting their health. An important study like this will make people realize how unhealthy a typical sandwich can be.
  • American Sandwiches are High in Calories:Image result for american sandwiches are high in calories

The sandwich that an American will consume tend to be high in calories, fat and sodium, and hurting in produce. One thing that you must realize, the days of natural sandwich meat are long gone. Processed sandwich meat will be the norm. The problem would be that sandwiches are convenient to eat on the go. The finding suggests that people should pay attention to the nutrition content of their sandwich. Sandwich consumers are advised to prudently evaluate the calorie, nutrient content of a sandwich. In turn, will make an informed healthful dietary choice. Let me ask you something. On the day you visit your local deli. When was the last time you heard someone ask about how much fat and sodium is in the sandwiches? Still thinking?
  • The Survey:

In the study, research analyzed information from more than 27,000 U.S. adults. The survey was about what they ate over the last 24 hours, on two separate days. The data were from a national survey. They do it every year. The research takes place at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. For the new study, the research used data from 2003 to 2012. About 53 percent of the participants ate a sandwich on any given day. The study found the most common sandwiches are filled with cold cuts, burgers and poultry. Overall, a sandwich contributed to about one-quarter of their daily calories. A third of their fat and sodium for the day. The study just proves that fat and sodium, are hurting people with a real high calorie nightmare.
  • Discipline is a Key Factor:Image result for dietary discipline is a key factor

The researchers then looked at people who reported eating a sandwich on just one of the two survey days. They found that on the days when they ate a sandwich, they consumed an extra 99 calories. Also 7 grams of fat, 268 grams of sodium and 3 grams of sugar, on average. Compare to the days when they didn’t eat a sandwich. They also consumed slightly less fruit and vegetables on the days when they ate a sandwich. Less discipline compared to the days when they didn’t eat sandwiches. So the high calorie sandwich was hurting their health and control.
  • Subway Sandwiches:Image result for subway sandwich

It’s possible that people may underestimate how many calories are in their sandwich. In a 2013 study teens ate at the fast food chain Subway, which sells sandwiches. The teens underestimated how many calories were in their meal by nearly 500 calories, on average. I have to be honest, as a nutritionist I haven’t consumed processed meat in a very long time.
  • For a healthier sandwich, I provided the following tips:

  • Make your own sandwich if possible, so you have more control over what goes in it

  • Add more leafy veggies, but less meat

  • Use whole wheat bread with no salt added

  • Avoid adding processed meat, because it is typically high in fat and sodium

  • Avoid using dressings (like mayo and other sauces) Trader Joe’s Low Fat Mayo is a great way to go

Still important to understand that sandwiches should be made with real whole grain bread and lean natural meats. A healthy toping will have a lot less fat and sodium. Remember what the study said on days when they didn’t have the high calorie sandwich? People ate more greens and fruits, which won’t be hurting their health. One factor that sets the new study apart from previous work. Researchers compared the dietary intake for the same person on two different days. This is important, because it measures any differences in nutrition on the two days (extra calories, etc.).  Since they used the same individual for the study it was much more accurate. It was due to sandwich consumption, it wasn’t the result of differences in food preferences, or a person’s gender. The study even used income.(since the comparison is for the same person), the researchers said.
  • Different Types of Sandwiches:

However, the study still could not take into account all the factors that could affect a person’s diet. Whether that person exercised on one day and not the other, or if he or she was simply hungrier. On the days the study was performed, the subjects should have been more emotional. Since there is a large variation in the types of sandwiches people eat, more research is needed. We need to study different nutritional impacts of different types of sandwiches, the research said. A Study will be done on the sandwich problem. Stay away from too much fat and sodium, and don’t forget a real bad guy(Sugar). Well I hope that will help you in your quest for a healthy body.Image result for the sandwich can be unhealthy
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