“Five Of The Healthiest Diets In The World By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

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Well here I go again giving you the best advice I can about being healthy people in the diet department. These signature foods like vegetables, traditional meats and fruits are utilized by different cultures. The research I have done will give you the 5 different diet plans for rapid weightloss. Furthermore to choose your foods by what the research says keep reading. I stay at a ripped state if you will, and a low body fat percentage. Since this is not about me let’s get down to some rapid weight-loss. There are 5 healthy diets in the world today. Furthermore, I will go thru them so you will understand what they are and why they work. I feel the research and what the research says will help you with your diet and what it can do. In the long run the research will help you choose the foods and diet that suits you.


  • Mediterranean Diet

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 A traditional Mediterranean diet, eaten by people in Greece, Italy and Spain, emphasizes seasonality, local produce and traditional preparations. Meals are often community or family events. I utilize the Mediterranean diet and I feel it is one of the best, as a diet goes. Try this diet for rapid weightloss.
Signature foods: Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and olive oil are the stars of the show. Fish, poultry and red wine make moderate appearances, while red meat, salt and sugar are bit players. The Mediterranean diet and what the research says, is one of the best for health and longevity.
What the research says: Where to start with this one. The benefits of a Mediterranean diet have been studied since the 70s, and researchers have found that living that olive oil life can help people lose weight, lower their cardiovascular disease risk and reverse diabetes. As for ease of adherence, U.S. News & World Report ranked it third (out of 35 considered diets) and called it eminently sensible.
  • New Nordic Diet

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Scientists designed this diet to contain 35 percent less meat than the average Danish diet. In addition, more whole grains and locally sourced produce and more than 75 percent organic produce. Rapid weightloss can be achieved with this diet.
 The New Nordic diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet. Furthermore there is a big emphasis on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, eggs, oil and seafood. While foods like meat, dairy, dessert and alcohol are eaten sparingly. It’s different from the Mediterranean diet in that the Nordic diet uses rapeseed oil instead of olive oil. In addition, the produce is native to the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
Signature foods: Whole grain cereals like oats and rye local fruits and berriess. In addition, rose hip, lingo berries, barberries, cruciferous and root vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnips, parsnips and beets. Finally, rapeseed oil, vegetable oil-based margarine; and low-fat dairy like milk, fermented milk and cheese. Meats include beef, pork, lamb and reindeer, while seafood includes herring, mackerel and salmon. The few desserts in the diet include baked goods made with oat bran. Herbs include parsley, dill, mustard, horseradish and chives.
 A recent study was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Hence, the research says that a healthy Nordic diet seems to have an impact on genes in abdominal fat. In conclusion, turning off genes related to inflammation. The research has also helped study participants with rapid weightloss while still providing higher satisfaction than the average Danish diet. consequently  cutting down on the risk of type 2 diabetes. Scientists are also praising the new nordic diet for its ecological and socioeconomic benefits. Especially relevant, it cuts down on meat production and long-distance imported foods.
  • Traditional Okinawa Diet:

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This low-calorie yet nutrition dense diet is big on fruits and vegetables. Therefore, sparse when it comes to meat, refined grains, sugar, salt and full-fat dairy. This diet came about in a very specific historical context and its practitioners lived on Okinawa Island in Japan. Okinawa Island was one of the poorest regions in the country before World War II. Consequently, Confucian ideals like eating only enough food to feel 80 percent full played a big role. In the island’s eating culture you shared as much as you could with one’s neighbor. What it is, is a good way to keep healthy by not over eating whether the foods be vegetables or meat.
 Sweet potatoes, rice, green leafy vegetables, green and yellow vegetables like bitter melon are the norm. Soybean-based foods like tofu and soy sauce were also the norm. Okinawa residents only ate modest amounts of seafood, lean meat, fruit and tea.
 The research says modern-day Okinawans are catching up economically with their mainland cousin. Especially relevant, this means rates of obesity, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, are rising as well. The research says our American diet has affected many cultures.  But the people who grew up eating traditionally are still alive and clinging to their culinary traditions. In fact, the island is home to one of the largest populations of centenarians in the world. These super-seniors are living active lives largely free of disease and disability, and are said to age slowly. The research says that the practice of long-term calorie restriction may play a large role in their longevity.
  • Traditional Asian Diet:

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There isn’t really one traditional Asian diet. International nutritionist’s collaborated together in the 90s to come up with an Asian food pyramid. The Asian food pyramid prioritizes rice, noodles and whole grains for rapid weightloss. Furthermore, fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts are the most-eaten food groups. Fish and shellfish are optional daily choices, while eggs and poultry should be eaten weekly. Note that recommended servings of red meat are smaller and less frequent (monthly) than even sweets (weekly)!
 There are many different countries whose traditional ways of eating follow this model.The signature food seems to be white rice.
 Asian countries have fewer incidences of obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases like diabetes than in the Western countries. In addition, that seems to be slowly changing thanks to rising economies and urbanization. One Harvard nutrition researcher notes that high-carb, high-glycemic aspects of a traditional Chinese diet and what it is. The Chinese diet is colliding with an increasingly urbanized, inactive lifestyle to create an emerging public health dilemma.
  • ‘French Paradox’ Diet:

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Description: Scientists are kind of scratching their heads at this one. The French have some of the lowest obesity rates in the world. As a result, they have the highest life expectancies despite the rich food they eat. What gives?
Signature foods: Full fat cheese and yogurt, butter, bread, and small but regular amounts of cheese and chocolate. These are some of the hallmarks of this rich diet.
 Some researchers think that the so-called “French Paradox” has more to do with lifestyle than anything French people eat. For instance, their portions are small, they don’t snack, they walk everywhere and they eat very, very slowly. The diet and what it is has to do with everything in moderation. Furthermore, scientists believe that the role of red wine consumption and the positive effects of moldy cheese help with longevity. Therefore wine may account for France’s health stats. If you want to play it safe, maybe try adopting how French people eat, instead of what they eat. Try it if you want to get healthier in the New Year. Research says red wine is a great addition to your diet. People should use food for health and energy not the traditional attitude of more is better. Well there you have it all the signature foods from different cultures. In conclusion these are 5 of the healthiest diets in the world. I hope this article helps people choose the right foods so they can incorporate a healthy lifestyle.
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