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The Great Benefits Of Potassium Image result for pictures of dried apricots

By:R.J. Pihl licenced Nutrition Consultant

When it comes to how diet affects heart health, sodium is typically central to the discussion because it raises your blood pressure if abused, but another nutrient is just as vital and often overlooked and it’s called potassium:

It’s bananas how little most people know about the benefits potassium. We affiliate this key mineral with the yellow fruit and that’s it. While salt is often in the spotlight for its effects on blood pressure and heart health, it is influential. While regulating these crucial aspects of our biology like our blood. Furthermore it is in a lot more foods than people realize.”A salt-sensitive person will lower his or her blood pressure if he or she eats more potassium. These minerals may be equally important, but society is concentrating on the sodium side right now. If too much dietary sodium is taken in, the blood pressure increases for salt-sensitive people. Salt sensitivity is greater in Asian populations and African-Americans. You don’t have to be Asian or African to be salt sensitive and too much sodium is a big mistake. Potassium has benefits and is a great way to stay healthy. Furthermore it lowers blood pressure and is just as important in leveling the playing field.


  • Top Ten Foods High in potassium:Image result for images of leafy greens


 I have 10 top foods that are high in potassium which benefits your health. Determining how to incorporate these foods into your diet is the key. (White Beans) are high in potassium with about 16% and they are full of fiber. (Dark Leafy Greens) have 16% enriched with calcium. (Baked Potatoes) have 15%-( Dried Apricots) have the most at 33% and also have a lot of fiber. (Acorn Squash) at 12%-(Salmon) has a good amount at 18% which is also high in omega 3’s. (avocados) at 14% and is just as nutritious as squash(Mushrooms) 11%-(Plain Yogurt) at 7%. Finally the fruit that everyone thinks is the king of the potassium family (Bananas) at 10%. Finally there you have it the 10 best foods for lowering your blood pressure.


  • Potassium Regulates Blood Pressure:

Potassium in the body is located in the cells. In addition a small amount takes residence outside of those cells. Therefore influenced by the potassium you get in foods, hormones such as insulin, and excretion from the kidneys. Eating foods rich in potassium may have a greater impact in regulating blood pressure when consumed with sodium. In a 2014 study published in the Clinical Journal of American Society of Nephrology, subjects with hypertension were tested. Subjects increased their potassium intake and also ate a diet rich in salt. In conclusion they saw a drop of 9.5 mmHg for systolic blood pressure (top number). While they also saw a decrease of 6.4 mmHg for diastolic blood pressure.
  • Dried Apricots are the King of Potassium


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Furthermore this is not a green light to go out and abuse sodium! Lol! Consequently this is a study of how potassium helps people with high blood pressure. Subjects saw a drop of 9.5 mmhg for systolic and of 6.4 mmhg for diastolic pressure. Especially relevent the average person thinks of bananas as the king of potassium. Dried apricots have 3 times as much. Especially relevent do you want a good dose for blood pressure regulation, or for your health? (Think Dried Apricots not Bananas). Take care and I’ll see you at the next article.


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