Well here we are in the year 2016 with a lot more knowledge on being healthy, trim and fit. In addition, I love to motivate people into feeling energetic with a low body fat percentage and the proper tools to get them there. As a licensed nutrition Guru with a passionate for health and fitness, I needed to think about how to motivate people.

 Image result for the beach in arubaI just hit pay dirt in the motivational department! Most noteworthy, I just came back from one of my many vacations, on a beautiful white beached island. Unfortunately most people who travel are overweight and some even on the edge of obesity. So let’s talk about traveling, the hustle and bustle of carrying luggage and getting in and out of the plane. Especially relevant, staying fit to look great on the beach.

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 First of all, this website gives you the best values for your weight loss. This site will educate and motivate you to get trim and fit for a real enjoyable vacation. In addition, I will help you attain the energy of a real human dynamo. I have to admit while I travel (and don’t laugh) I actually find a local gym. While I’m there, I look for a gym that has what I need to get a great work out. To motivate you avid travelers, I will initiate you with pictures of the places that I have traveled around the tropical world. Furthermore, I give you the best advice for weight loss so you are light on your feet and feel great. Especially relevant, I have traveled and have met many different people of so many cultures with energy to spare. Most noteworthy, I will do my best to get you moving in the right direction to achieve weight loss. Therefore, enjoying the tropics with your partner. Success comes in many forms and the most successful people I have met are healthy and lean. lean Fitness gives them the energy to work hard and create values for others and themselves. while making a better world for prosperity and happiness.

  • A True Story:



I have a story for you avid travelers. I think this will give you some insight on the importance of weight loss. Consequently, a low belly fat percentage can lead to a healthy life style. When I was in the Dominican Republic my Wife and I decided to take a tour of the jungle. The tour had us following a river to 7 waterfalls and each waterfall was a climb upward. Furthermore, there was a lady that was extremely over weight when we reached the first waterfall. Finally, we all started climbing the rocks to reach the next fall. Consequently, when it was the young ladies turn to climb she could not even get up the first step. In conclusion, three tour guides tried to pull her up several times and had to give up. So where do you think the poor girl ended up? The young lady had to wait behind until we all got back from the tour. As a result, I felt very bad for that poor women. My point is, the importance of staying fit is life. Furthermore, incorporating a healthy lifestyle will energize you well into your later years. That being said I hope you enjoy my site and the great fat burning products we offer. In conclusion, I hope you incorporate a healthy lifestyle to enjoy for years to come! Ok I’ll see you on the next vacation with your new beach body to die for!

  • Love you all: R.J. Pihl. 

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