The Great Benefits Of Potassium

Can Exercise Alone Help You Lose Weight ?

Why Count Calories For Weight Loss?

Low Glycemic Foods

Can Red Wine Help With Weight Loss? 

1500 Calorie Diet 

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Helping People of all Ages and Genders achieve Longevity and Health at any Age:

At Weight Loss Made Simple I have years of experience on weight loss and nutrition. My site is here to educate you on diet,exercise and nutrition. I

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“Ladies need Physical Activity to reduce the risk of Breast Cancer; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  Physical Activity will keep Cancer at Bay:   Consequently, there is more to exercise than weight loss. Furthermore, women who exercise reduce their risk of breast cancer by twelve percent. In addition, there is proof that physical activity can lower the risk of breast cancer. They compared sedentary women. Women who have the highest level of […]

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“Eating Broccoli for a High Fiber Breakfast; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

  Broccoli is full of Vitamins: First of all, broccoli is rich in vitamins A, C and K. Furthermore, broccoli can help you lose weight. Always start off your day with a good healthy breakfast. Consequently, breakfast should be a filling meal that fits within your calorie limits. Nutritious recipes should be low in calories. […]

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“Exercise and Eating Healthy while Traveling; By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

Eating Healthy While Exercising and Traveling:   First of all, eating a healthy diet and exercising at home is the way to go. But once you start traveling, you have to plan ahead. Furthermore, when you travel, you’re not in your routine. In addition, you have to face distractions and the hassle of going through airports. You don’t […]

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“The Vapor Awareness Campaign; By Weight Loss made Simple:”

The Vapor Awareness Campaign: First of all, vaping is becoming very popular. Furthermore, the UK has the first major vapor awareness campaign. The campaign is called V-April. And the event aims to help smokers understand the value offered by e-cigarettes. Dr. Christian Jessen will act as the face of the awareness campaign. This will help […]

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“Vaping Technology Provides a Healthier Alternative to Quit Cigarettes:”

 A Good Number of People are Still Smoking Traditional Cigarettes: First of all, people say that about 50 percent of all chain smokers will perish horribly. As a result, people smoking during their lifetime will shorten their lives if they don’t quit cigarettes. 1 billion people out of the gross world population of 7 billion are smoking traditional […]

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“Surgeon General’s New Vaping Report Has E-Cigarettes Supporters Pushing Back:”

The US Surgeon General is Looking for More Revenue From the Tax Payers:   A report released by the US Surgeon General claim that young people need to reduce the use of e-cigarettes. Furthermore the report noting they have overtaken cigarettes to become the most commonly used tobacco products among this group. Here is what […]

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“More Positive Evidence About E-Cigarettes; By Weight Loss made Simple:”

A Positive Look at E-Cigarettes:   First of all, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the case against e-cigarettes on the basis of scientific evidence. A second cochrand review was done on the safety of smoking e-cigarettes. The gold standard when it comes to assessing the state of the evidence topics like public health […]

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“Electronic Cigarettes Or Traditional Cigarettes? By Weight Loss Made Simple:”

 40 million adults in the United States still smoke despite the numerous health hazards of traditional cigarettes.  In the United States, cigarettes are responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths. As a result there are still about 480,000 early deaths each year. Nicotine cigarettes have also been linked to almost every known cancer. Therefore it […]

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